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about-imgMy name is Geoff Squires, born in South Africa in the year 1976 (yes, I’m getting old). I was raised to believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it properly. I’m a proud man and I take pride in everything I set out to do. I love to play the guitar and I love to sing. I love my wife and two sons more than life itself and for this reason, I have found myself pushing my limits every day to become Geoff tattoo artist I can possibly be, for them and for me.

To be able to take a passion and earn a living from it is the most rewarding thing there is. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil and it’s a love in my life that has brought me so much happiness as I’ve watched myself progress over the years. I am honored to be able to say that there are thousands of people who have a piece of my art immortalized in their skin and it is truly a privilege.

I did my very first tattoo in 1999 whilst living in England. On my return to South Africa in 2000 it turned out that becoming a tattoo artist was not a simple task and I was faced with many challenges stopping me from tattooing full time, so I excelled at welding and many other forms of mechanical engineering, with a bit of tattooing going on here and there. I helped a number of small business owners run their businesses and I learned how a small business is run.

I started a side-line business of my own called Bladerunner Tattoos. I had converted my garage into a very clean and professional tattoo studio and set out to make a real tattoo artist out of myself. The little home studio then moved into a nice big shop at the Sunnyridge Circle and I was able to successfully run the shop and build a name for myself. Life happened and I found myself living and working in Cape Town for a year which was a wonderful experience, and I started at this point going by the name Geoff Squires Tattoos. I returned to Johannesburg in 2014 and pretty much started over again with the building of a client base which I chose to do from the comfort of my home. I currently have a beautiful studio at my home premises that is professional, clean, and sterile and conform to all industry standards. My principal reason for this being my preference over working from a shop in town is that I work by appointment only and I have no interruptions while I am working with my clientele. My focus is on the tattoo that I am doing and nothing else.

I am immensely blessed to be a part of the tattoo industry in our beautiful country South Africa, where there are so many world-class tattoo artists who like me, are making a living through their passion for their craft, tattooing…

Thank you for taking the time to read my story made short, I hope you enjoy looking through my work on the Gallery page. Geoff Squires Tattoos (Pty) Ltd

Tattoo Artist in Johannesburg.

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