Geoff Squires Tattoo'sSouth African born and bred tattoo artist, Geoff Squires began his career in 1999. Living at that time in Scarborough, England, he purchased a second hand coil machine and power-supply by chance and began tattooing immediately on pig-skins.

Friends flocked in to let the up-and-coming tattoo artist practice on them and before he knew it, he had decided that tattooing was definitely an avenue he would pursue professionally. He relocated soon afterward to his home country of South Africa and after many years of and trial and error, the completely self-taught artist now lives and tattoos in Johannesburg, South Africa. Geoff’s passion for fine-arts and tattooing drive him to constantly pursue his goal of reaching international standards of quality in his work.

Having attended three Johannesburg tattoo conventions, he has obtained fifteen awards for numerous tattoo categories including full-back pieces, colour, black and grey, biker-patches, tribal work and portraits (to name a few). He enjoys local competition from fellow tattoo artists as it keeps him striving for better results on a daily basis, but looks up to international tattoo artist icon’s like Dmitry Samohin for his inspiration as he pushes forward to provide his clientele with the quality of work they desire and deserve.

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